He may have been one of the quieter members of perhaps the greatest musical family of all time -- the legendary Jacksons -- but Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Tito Jackson is still a man with a lot to say musically. Of course he is a great guitarist, but casual fans may not know of his excellent tenor voice. 

Tito Jackson has been visiting and supporting the Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux over the past year and he is excited to join the Wolves Promotion Party in The Park on May 7th! To celebrate Wolves’ promotion and sensational return to the Premier League, Tito has a gift for the fans: the song "We Made It" (from the solo debut album Tito Time) will be available to download for FREE on May 7th ONLY and will be released this month. 


Tito Jackson announced that he is teaming up with B.B. King's blues band. He made the announcement at the Withers Collection Museum and Gallery on Beale Street. They will be going on a major world tour together after spending time in Memphis to rehearse. Tito says he's a blues man at heart and has always idolized B.B. King. “I've always been a blues player, ever since the day I picked up the guitar, I guess,” says Tito Jackson. Also following in the footsteps of B.B. King, Tito says he plans to name his specially made Gibson guitar after someone close to him. His guitar will carry the name "Katie," which is what most people call his mother.

THE JACKSONS LEGACY (The Jacksons with Fred Bronson) is our official book, chronicling our life of 50 years in music, with rare & unseen photos from our family archives. The book is now available in English, French, German and Spanish on Amazon. #JacksonsLegacy 

"I was really into baseball. I came up with the idea to have a guitar made with a baseball bat for the neck and a glove for the body. I still have this! Every once in a while I take it out and play a few chords, but it's awkward - it doesn't feel like a guitar. Probably because it isn't! "

- Tito Jackson 

12 October 2017
£25.00 hardback
Extent: 320pp
Size: 27.7 x 21.6cm ISBN: 9780500519639 Over 1000 illustrations


Created with unprecedented contributions from Jackie, Tito and Marlon, The Jacksons: Legacy is an uplifting, feel-good storybook that tells the story of the group in their own words. It features individual pieces from each of the brothers plus anecdotes and quotations from themselves and their close friends and family. Alongside the text is a mind-blowing collection of never-before-seen visual material carefully curated from tens of thousands of photographs obtained as a result of an unrivalled level of access to the private archives and collections of Jackie, Marlon and Tito Jackson and their mother Katherine Jackson. Images include intensely personal family pictures; ephemera shots of the first guitars the boys ever held; top photographer Harrison Funk’s exclusive coverage of their professional lives, including their stellar Victory tour; photos of Michael Jackson on tour with his brothers at the time of the release of Off The Wall (1979) and during 1982 when Thriller, the best-selling album of all time, was first released; editions of teen and black culture magazines featuring the family; and swathes of trademarked merchandise that are the ultimate evidence of the band’s mass-market appeal, right down to Jacksons-branded breakfast cereal boxes with giveaway 7” records attached.

Published by Thames & Hudson to coincide with the 50th anniversary of ‘Big Boy’, their debut single on small Chicago label Steeltown Records, and taking its visual lead from their own hit cartoon show, The Jacksons: Legacy creates that same magic feeling you get when you play one of their records. Jackie, Tito, Marlon, Jermaine and Michael Jackson were founding members of the first breakthrough black pop band, The Jackson 5, later to become The Jacksons when they moved to the Epic label and Randy replaced Jermaine. Their incredible joint and solo careers have spanned 50 years, netted them countless hits, and earned them their immortal reputation as frontmen of the Royal Family of Pop and deserving members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

On Tuesday 10 October 2017, International Mental Health Day, at 7 p.m. UK time Tito Jackson and dancers flashmobbed King's Cross station in London, England performing "Get It Baby". The dancers that teamed up with Tito are supported by Julian Campbell Foundation which aims improve the lives of young people through early intervention/promotion of mental health in educational establishments, such as schools, colleges, universities by providing practical and emotional support to them and their families through befriending and mentoring service in a person-centred way. Share your videos or photos if you were at the Flash mob with the hashtag #TitoTime. 

Tito Jackson released his solo debut album TITO TIME and single "One Way Street" on digital music platforms in the United States!  TITO TIME features iconic rapper Big Daddy Kane, diva Betty Wright, Queen of Soul Jocelyn Brown and music group 3T (Tito's sons Taj, Taryll and TJ). Tito Jackson's eclectic musical arrow is aimed in the direction of diverse genres, R&B, blues, and pop, and at this juncture, Tito plans a series of recording ventures that will include a caravan of styles.


Tito Jackson is becoming a very busy man. It was just a week or so ago that Tito’s country-flavored song “On My Way Home” was introduced, a track from his upcoming album, Tito Time. Well, this week Tito is back again with another new song, with a more contemporary feel. “One Way Street” is a tale of a bad romance, with a wall of ethereal voices helping give the right vibe behind Tito’s lead. Check out “One Way Street": 

After having a career in music for over 50 years, the legend Tito Jackson started making his mark as a solo artist in 2016, placing solo music in the charts as the ninth and final Jackson family sibling with the smash hit single “Get It Baby” (featuring Big Daddy Kane). Continuing on that success, Tito is now dropping a song from his album Tito Time and takes a mild country turn on the song "On My Way Home." It’s a ballad that shows of Tito’s rarely heard lead vocals. It is quite a change from both his work with The Jacksons and even from “Get It Baby.”