Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon are on the road in 2013 and perform shows in Europe, Australia, Africa, Canada and North America as part of their Unity Tour. Fans across the globe see their dream become a reality to experience the magic of these legends live on stage. Ahead of their shows, the brothers meet with fans, making more dreams come true, and they do press interviews. The Jacksons keep the legacy alive and pay tribute to their brother Michael, singing the hits of The Jacksons 5, The Jacksons and Michael.

1 February Edmonton Canada North America Chamber of Commerce Chamber Ball (private show)
20 February Copenhagen Denmark Europe  
21 February Oslo, Norway Europe  
22 February Stockholm Sweden Europe  
26 February Birmingham UK Europe  
27 February Manchester UK Europe  
28 February Glasgow, UK Europe  
2 March Bournemouth UK Europe  
3 March London UK Europe  
5 March Munich Germany Europe  
6 March Antwerp Belgium Europe  
7 March Amsterdam The Netherlands Europe  
14 March Perth Australia Australia  
16 March Sydney Australia Australia  
17 March Wollogong Australia Australia  
19 March Melbourne Australia Australia  
24 March Brisbane Australia Australia  
10 May Saint Lucia Lesser Antilles   Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival
28 May Rabat Morocco Africa Mawazine Festical
14 June Saint Petersburg Russia Europe White Nights show (private charity show)
30 June Los Angeles USA America BET Awards
18 August Vancouver Canada Norh America  
12 September Los Angeles USA North America   Los Angeles County Fair
14 September Las Vegas USA North America  
2 November London UK Europe (private charity show)
4 November New York USA North America Ebony Power 100 Event