Tito Jackson Iinterview on CNN Jackson 5 Special

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Tito is going to be on CNN Saturday, June 4 at 7:30pm EST and on CNN’s sister network, HLN on June
5th at 5:30p EST, so mark the calendars and set the DVR’s!


  1. Victoria says:

    Congratulations Mr. J glad you have up dated the Japan Tour dates this will for sure give your loyal fans something to look forward to. Thank you for posting as you can see I will still come for my sweet fix can’t help myself ( Shrugs) shoulders have a blessed evening ~ T

  2. Sandra says:

    Hi Mr.Blues. I was in LA this past Saturday and tried to get to see your show. My friends claimed that they didn’t know where the Casino was located. I realize that you have a schedule that is full well into 2012 but now that I am following you via internet I hope to some day experience the Tito Jackson that I loved as a young girl. I just loved your dang gone eyebrows isn’t that odd of me. Well I loved your smile as well but those eyebrows were what was up!. Ummm. Who was out them the Slyvers,the Osmonds, right? I remember stealing Right On magazines just to see the J5. I think the J5 actually made many young folks childhood very happy just because we had you guys representing us (not to sound predjudice) or old for that matter. I had always wondered what ever happened with you and your brothers and then that one Sunday night I caught you all on that one TV show and man I was hooked instantly. I was glued to the tv every Sunday night to watch you and your brothers. You and Marlon stood out the most for me. Marlon being a mini Donald Trump lol…and you a mini a little playa playa,blues brother,and introvert all in one. I was like look at these men glory to God. Mr.Jackson sure is a blessed,blessed,blessed man. You are blessed. Ok enough. So just wanted to say Yes I can feel it and that it self is amazing it shows your deep warmth and solid confidence in what it is that you bring to the WORLD. Gotta run don’ want to bore ya, i’ve taken to much of your time and space as it is. Love ya cause I want to AND because we all need it. ((((((hug and Kiss on the cheek))))

  3. Maria says:

    Congratulations Poppa T -It’s good to hear from you and hear you on tour, always in my musical thoughts

  4. victoria says:

    Good morning Mr. J checking in 4 up dates on summer tours. You really need to get this site up dated love. Many of your fans would be more supportive if they could plan ahead to come out to see your show’s. Planning is important to these ladies on twitter who have expressed their concern for no up dates.

    If you are unable to do it please have one of your staff members up date as far in advance as possible not stressing you love really. Just trying to get you on the bill boards love you much .. The other ~ Lady T aka ~ Cali T Rose I~

  5. victoria says:

    Good morning Mr. J just checking in for new post’s =0) plus needed my daily fix of “So Far So Good” & yes it is have a fabulous weekend major love form my heart to all the T’ from this ~ Lady T ~

  6. I’ll be watching..:) Your a star poppa t..and your doing BIG things..I’m so happy for you..<3

  7. Jen says:

    hey tito, can`t wait to see you on CNN in a couple of days… :-) so proud of you!! can`t wait to hear more song`s from you, much love always!..

    always babygirl {jen} <3

  8. Now Big Poppa, you KNOW I’m gonna be watching, popcorn, beer and eyes GLUED! Always here to support WHATEVER you do:) Sending my love…

  9. Victoria says:

    Good morning Mr. J good to be home for a minute. Hope to see more posting for future shows & interviews posted soon. Fans would love to have a link to on line CNN interview the. If you would be so kind as to post it here for those lovely soul’s who would love to hear more of the J5b day’s. Yes sir they were the best day’s to recollect for fan’s. It gave more of an insight on the hard work y’all put into making your fans happy =0) Major love for y’all Thank you is hardly enough fr all the sacrifices you all gave so that your dreams could be. Perhaps this special will open the eye’s of many who still don’t get how much love you all have for your fans. Much much love ~ T

  10. Victoria says:

    Good morning mi amor just dropping in for my daily fix. Will you do me a favor if you can please =0) will you post the CNN Interview fro your fan’s if that is at all possible. As some of them do not have cable & were not able to catch the show. Thank you love. If it’s not something that can be posted no worries understood. Love you bunches waves hello 3T ((Hugs)) you make me a happy gurl =0) always in my heart mi vida’s … ~ T `

  11. Maria says:

    Hi Tito -I would do anything for you,
    LoveYou Tito
    Always in my heart

  12. Karen Cobb says:

    So sorry I missed it :( LUV TITO :) Was out of town all that weekend. Hope to see it posted on facebook.

    LUV U TITO :)

  13. victoria says:

    Morning mi vida I now you didn’t really think I would go with out a proper good bye =0) her is your paper besitos a song for the day “Spanish Harlem” Ben E. King ~ Have a fabulous day much much love for all my T’s ~ God Bless ~ T

  14. Victoria says:

    Good night Mr. J aquarium is way to full to night =0) see you on the flip side of the moon ….. ~ Always Your Rose ~

  15. Victoria says:

    Good night Mr. J it’s raining here in my part of the world love it the fire place is going a chilled glass of zin only thing missing was “Le amor de mi vida” but he a busy fellow a concert in a few weeks lucky Japan =0) sweet dreams ~ Always your Rose~

  16. Victoria says:

    Good morning Mr. J you missed me didn’t you its ok to fess up I know you did. I have missed you as well big time but I am taking a lil break from twitts ville. I will only post articles or videos I find interesting or my own work. I hate the way you all have been treated as well as the hurtful things said about yours truly. No worries I will get over it always do its all part of being in the public eye comes with the territory. Doesn’t mean we have to like it just have to find a way to move on. Seriously Mr. J you really should follow my account for a more private tweet lol Thank you for being so diligent with the tweets as of late even the ones in the early hours. I know you are trying to be good about this really I truly appreciate it as I appreciate you ~ Always your rose ~ T

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