Tito Jackson In Studio Finishing Up Highly Anticipated Debut Solo Album

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Tito has been in studio with his sons 3T and other industry “A” list producers to finish up his solo album titled, “So Far So Good”.  The title track of the song is a mid-tempo Pop song written and produced by his sons 3T – Taj, Taryll and TJ Jackson.  Tito says, “The song means a lot to me after all I’ve (we’ve) been through over the past 40 years.  There’s been incredible highs, but extreme lows… and this song simply says it all – “So Far, So Good”.  I’m very much looking forward to the next 40 years, he says with his infamous Tito chuckle.


  1. Victoria says:

    Before I forget I set up a web site just to post your information , up coming events ect… just needing to keep Rose Petals for my events I know you understand love.. Your site I have named it why of course ” Cali T Rose ”’lol why ? T & T ….”Chow

  2. DebbieforMJ says:

    Any chance of your sons 3T going out on tour with you? That woud be a blast! 4T! Amazing!

  3. Mi Mi says:

    I am so happy for Tito and his sons, they deserve all the success they earn!!

  4. I love, love, love the new single!!

  5. blttrox says:

    Sent this on Twitter but I wanted to make sure you and Jodi saw it. Stopped by Angelos used & new CDs & Records to get 2300 Jackson Street today guy ordered it for me so we got to talking ( I was wearing my Titotime shirt) so I told him about Titotime & the Twitterbabes & he said u r one right? lol I said Oh Yeah! :) So I asked him if he was gonna carry So Far So Good he said he hoped so then he looked it up for me said ” Wow! Titos looking good!” I told yeah he sure is :) Then he asked me if I wanted him to put your single “We Made it” on a CD I just looked at him didnt even know they could do that! It only took like 5 min only cost $3.99 so now I can listen to you in the car AND on my home computer this kid was only in his early 20s but he knew everything about you & J5 and is gonna make sure they get So Far So Good at all of their stores! Love U LOTS Poppa Bear Smooches


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